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  • Our Family Understands . . .

  • Our Family Understands . . .
       the Gift of Life Insurance

  • Our Family Understands . . .

  • Our Family Understands . . .
       the Gift of Life Insurance

Agent Resources

Dear Life Insurance Agents…

Welcome to Salser Paramedical and thank you for considering us for your Paramedical Examinations.  We appreciate your business and the important work that you do to protect families.  We know from personal experience that Life Insurance is a necessity, not a luxury.  To assist you, below are a few of the many benefits of using us to complete the application process:

1.)  Scheduling:  We are available to receive calls from agents and clients 7 days week from 8:00am to 9:00pm.  We encourage you to call us when you are with your client and we will schedule the appointment to ensure availabity.  Appointments are completed 7 days a week, starting as early as 5:00 o’clock in the morning.

2.)  Coverage:  We cover the following counties…Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino, and Riverside.

3.)  Accuracy:  The Owners personally assure that our Examiners are accurate and reliable by conducting periodic ride-alongs.  One example of our accuracy is in the taking of blood pressure readings.  The client can be upset or nervous about the exam itself and this can reflect in the readings.  If we see this happening, we give them an opportunity to calm their nerves by having them lie down for 15-20 minutes after their blood draw and then try their BP again.  In this way we show our accuracy in the examination and our concern for the client.

4.)  Availability:  Our website has a secure login on the back end that is available for your convenience 24 hours a day for updates, status, and order submissions.  We can show you some of the valuable features of this website by walking you through it when you are available.

5.)  Dependable:  We have found that dependability goes hand in hand with good communication.  So all appointments are confirmed by a phone call the day before either by speaking to the client or leaving a message.  Clients are also given special instructions involving the drinking of water, fasting, medications, and exercise.  Also, all work is confirmed with Examiners the night before the Client’s scheduled appointment.  This keeps everyone well informed and on the same page.

6.)  Efficient and Courteous:  Our Examiners will contact you after appointments are completed to make you aware of the completion as well as answer any questions you may have regarding the exam.  Our Examiners also return all of their completed paperwork to our office by 8:00am the next day to be proofread and sent out.  Our office staff then updates our system with a completion note.  You will receive emails when orders are submitted, scheduled, and completed.

7.)  Client Preparation Brochures:  We have brochures especially designed to help clients to prepare for their exam.  These brochures have our contact information and we provide these at no charge to you so you can leave them with your clients.  They are available in both English and Spanish.  These are also here on the site in PDF format for your convenience:

If you do not already have a secure login on our website our office staff would be happy to assist you in starting your personal profile.

Thank you for your time and we look forward to a long and productive partnership!


Welcome to Our Brand New Site

We want to welcome everyone to our new site!  You can still log in to your profile by clicking the lock(user login) on the upper right of the picture.  We listened to suggestions made by our clients and have made the site more informative.  For instance on the bottom of Client Resources and Agent Resources you will find PDF versions of our brochures for Applicants in both English and Spanish which you can download and email.  We hope you enjoy browsing around and we look forward to continued relationships with all of our Salser Paramedical Family.

Sincerely, Blanca & Vail Salser