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  • Our Family Understands . . .

  • Our Family Understands . . .
       the Gift of Life Insurance

  • Our Family Understands . . .

  • Our Family Understands . . .
       the Gift of Life Insurance

Client Resources

Hello and Congratulations for taking the steps to protect those you love!

Some people have never had a Paramedical Exam so you may be asking yourself…how does this all work?  The following is a brief explanation of how a Paramedical Exam works and what part we play in it.  Also, there are other resources here which you can print and take with you.

A Paramedical Exam is a process where the Insurance Company which you have applied with, requests that a Certified Phlebotomy Technician go to the location of your choice to collect information and specimen samples to determine your eligibility for the Insurance coverage.  There is no charge to you for our visit.  All our Examiners are trained and certified by the State of CA and will arrive at your home with proof of their license.  They will also have a badge to verify who they are and that they are affiliated with Salser Paramedical.  Your agent has chosen us as the Paramedical Company to complete your exam because we have a reputation for quality work.  We are a third party to the Agent and the Insurance Company as required by Law, so we do not know what specific tests your Insurance Company will require nor will we have any access to the Laboratory results of the specimens that are obtained.  The Examiner’s job is only to collect information and pass it on to the proper department.  The Examiner is not there to judge you in any way so there is no need to feel embarassed.

To put your mind at ease, most appointments will go something like this:

  • Examiner will arrive and ask to see your Driver’s License, Dr’s information, and any medication you are currently taking.
  • You will be asked to go to the restroom (by yourself) and provide a urine specimen in the container they will give you.
  • Examiner will obtain a blood specimen (via venipuncture).
  • Examiner will ask you some questions about your medical history.
  • Examiner will weigh you, measure your height, get blood pressure and pulse readings.
  • Examiner will get your signatures on the paperwork for the information and samples they have obtained.

After the Examiner leaves they will process everything and send it where it needs to go.  The Laboratory will process the specimens and send the results directly to the Insurance Company.  After the Insurance Company reviews all of the information you will be notified as to the outcome.  If you do not receive your Lab results in the mail, you can request them from the Insurance Company.

To better prepare for your exam we offer the following suggestions:

  • Fasting is strongly recommended for the best results.  This means no food or coffee for 8-12 hours before the examination.
  • Drink plenty of water before your appointment!
  • Take your regularly scheduled medication, do not skip doses.
  • Have your I.D., Doctor’s address and phone number, and medications ready for the Examiner.
  • Do not exercise prior to your appointment.

We hope this information is helpful.  We look forward to seeing you soon!


Welcome to Our Brand New Site

We want to welcome everyone to our new site!  You can still log in to your profile by clicking the lock(user login) on the upper right of the picture.  We listened to suggestions made by our clients and have made the site more informative.  For instance on the bottom of Client Resources and Agent Resources you will find PDF versions of our brochures for Applicants in both English and Spanish which you can download and email.  We hope you enjoy browsing around and we look forward to continued relationships with all of our Salser Paramedical Family.

Sincerely, Blanca & Vail Salser