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  • Our Family Understands . . .

  • Our Family Understands . . .
       the Gift of Life Insurance

  • Our Family Understands . . .

  • Our Family Understands . . .
       the Gift of Life Insurance

How will my Client be able to identify the Examiner?

Answer:  Every Examiner associated with our company will carry their credentials on them.  This not only includes State of California proof of Certification but also a badge with their picture to prove their affiliation with Salser.  Our practice of making confirmation calls the day before also allows clients to find out the name of the specific Examiner coming to their appointment.
Solution:  We not only allow the inquiry from clients as to the identity of our Examiners, we encourage it.  The Examiner should be able to present all of the above credentials at every appointment, or not be admitted into the home.  Encourage your clients to look for such identifiers from the person at their door before allowing them in.

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Welcome to Our Brand New Site

We want to welcome everyone to our new site!  You can still log in to your profile by clicking the lock(user login) on the upper right of the picture.  We listened to suggestions made by our clients and have made the site more informative.  For instance on the bottom of Client Resources and Agent Resources you will find PDF versions of our brochures for Applicants in both English and Spanish which you can download and email.  We hope you enjoy browsing around and we look forward to continued relationships with all of our Salser Paramedical Family.

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