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  • Our Family Understands . . .

  • Our Family Understands . . .
       the Gift of Life Insurance

  • Our Family Understands . . .

  • Our Family Understands . . .
       the Gift of Life Insurance

Our Story

We think it is very important that you know how we at Salser Paramedical started in business.  Hopefully by reading this story you will understand why we try so desperately to provide all our business partners with quality work, and why we view every appointment with every client as a priority.

Our Story – by Blanca Salser

“My dear husband, Jeffrey ‘Scott’ Salser, very suddenly and tragically died at 31 years of age, of cancer.  He was quite a marvelous and talented person who, like most of us, enjoyed his life tremendously.  In only a matter of a few months we lost him.  How devastated we all were.  It was the last thing in the world we would have expected at our young age, our children being only 7 and 3 years old at the time.  How would they ever know how much he loved them?  Well I did not realize until after his death that he had purchased a Life Insurance policy just for us, to take care of those he deeply loved.  It was his way of saying to us, “no worries, I will still take care of you and love you until we meet again”.  His remarkable love and wisdom in taking care of us made our pain more bearable.  This Insurance could not erase the years we would spend missing him, but it did provide us with a cushion for our fall.  He had thought of us and tried to do his part to meet our material needs knowing that our God would continue to do the rest.

I was so impressed at this young age as to how Life Insurance works, that it motivated me to become a Phlebotomist for the sole purpose of helping other families to also attain Life Insurance.  Scott’s gift of Life Insurance is what allowed us to buy a nice home for not only our 2 children but for 3 more that I came to adopt.  All my children grew up in this home until they were old enough to leave home or get married.  It is still a ‘haven of love’ for them to visit regularly, with their own children.  My children grew up confident instead of destitute and it motivated 2 of them to graduate 2 years early from high school and 4 of them to become licensed Phlebotomists.  My oldest child and daughter, Vail, after 18 years of working our family business, is now my partner in business.  As Vail and I work with every Phlebotomist we hire, we will continue to instill in them the values we have had since the beginning.  We teach them the urgency and importance of what we do, and the compassion needed for them to do their job well.

So, when you choose to use our family owned business, you choose people who truly care about your clients.  We know the sale that agents work so hard to make is not just a sale, but it is a way for those left behind to feel loved during a tragic time, therefore allowing their loved one to give them their final gift of love.”

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A Poem to My Father- by Vail Salser Jackson

“You loved the Beatles, so I love the Beatles.  You loved Ding Dongs, so I love Ding Dongs.  You loved your quiet time, so I love my quiet time.  You died so young I thought that might be all of you I would inherit…But it wasn’t, because of your love through Life Insurance.  You would have loved the great house you bought us, that I loved being a teenager in.  You would have loved the old first car you bought me, that I loved feeling grown up in.  You would have loved watching me graduate in the girly dress you bought me…that mom loved.  You would have loved seeing how much I know that you always loved me.”


Welcome to Our Brand New Site

We want to welcome everyone to our new site!  You can still log in to your profile by clicking the lock(user login) on the upper right of the picture.  We listened to suggestions made by our clients and have made the site more informative.  For instance on the bottom of Client Resources and Agent Resources you will find PDF versions of our brochures for Applicants in both English and Spanish which you can download and email.  We hope you enjoy browsing around and we look forward to continued relationships with all of our Salser Paramedical Family.

Sincerely, Blanca & Vail Salser